Fitness For Weight Loss: Benefits Of Yoga

A lot of  Americans today try to achieve a healthy, permanent weight loss. Unfortunately, they mainly seem to try fad diets, diet pills, celebrity diets, grapefruit... Name it.
In fact, stick an adjective or noun before the word " diet " and you may be the creator of the next Craze diet.

Although someone may temporarily lose some pounds with a " diet ", diets are not successful when it comes to permanent weight loss and healthy weight loss. As they said, I have some good news and some bad news.

The good news is that there is a known and proven way to achieve a significant, healthy, permanent loss of weight. More good news is that, although some changes are necessary to what you currently like to eat, extremely drastic changes are rarely required.

Oh, yes, you may have to learn to replace something you don't like so much right now for something you like, but, in time, you can get accustomed to it, and even learn to like it.

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The bad news is that you'll have to become more active with changes to your eating habits. Dare I say that...? You 'll have to exercise! Exercise benefits are an article in itself, and I wrote elsewhere about how Exercise can take many forms, so there is no need to lock itself into a painful or unpleasant Exercise regimen.

What I really want to do here is give a small yoga pitch as my choice of exercise. But remember, maybe my exercise selection program isn't yours. As much as I like yoga, you 're going to have to decide whether yoga is right for you.

Benefits of Yoga

Yoga relaxes and alleviates stress. This is not only of great personal value in today's world, but if any part of your weight loss problem is stress related and I can almost guarantee a certain relationship, stress relief offered by yoga can ease that part.

As you begin to advance your ability to perform yoga poses (asanas) you will notice a sense of control, a sense of mastery of life and self that becomes more obvious. This new inner strength will help you cope with problems, including eating temptations and eating new behaviors. You will also find yourself more forgiven, not just for others, but also for yourself, and when you slide a little, You'll be better able to shrug it off and get back on your way to success.

Despite the seemingly agonizing contortions seen in every yoga book, the advantage is to try to achieve the position. The models in the books arrived at their current level of ability over time, and many skilled yoga practitioners have started today in the same shape as you are now. It's all right to change a position or get out of it a bit early if your body isn't ready yet. The regular practice of your best movement or position version (asana) combined with yoga breathing techniques (easily learned) will lead to progress over time.

You will start experiencing new feelings of health, strength and well - being with more progress in your yoga practice. These feelings, in turn, will motivate you to take even more control of your life so that you can continue your progress without any desire or temptation to return to the way things used to be.

No personal trainer or special equipment is necessary, nor is it necessary to go to the gym or even publicly. You can do yoga naked if you don't have a pair of gym shorts, and a carpet is as good as a yoga mat... at first. Yoga is so simple that it can be learned from a book, although it would certainly not hurt to get guidance or training from a certified instructor.

Besides being good for your health, just learning yoga and practicing it regularly can help you burn fat.

In conclusion, nothing is perfect for everyone, but, as you can see, yoga practice has some advantages that can make it valuable in pursuing a healthy, permanent weight loss.